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The Best of Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins single-handedly brought the saxophone to the prominence in jazz that the instrument enjoys. Before he hit the scene, jazz groups had little use for the instrument. One player (forgot who) said, “with all due respect to Adolph Sax, Coleman Hawkins invented the saxophone.” Hawkins, or “Bean”, as he was known as, started playing cello at a young age before switching to the saxophone. He was a lifelong listener of classical music, and as a result, his knowledge of music theory was far ahead of his peers. Whereas Louis Armstrong improvised his solos based on the melody, Hawkins based his on the harmony and had a strong sense of rhythm.
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00:00:00 Body and Soul 00:03:08 Honeysuckle Rose 00:05:58 I Surrender Dear 00:10:35 Dedication 00:13:31 I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me 00:17:45 Fine Dinner 00:20:26 It Never Entered My Mind 00:26:14 His Very Own Blues 00:29:18 Bean's Blues 00:41:10 Blues for Yolande 00:47:56 I Want to Be Loved 00:53:51 I'm Shooting High 00:56:29 Have You Met Miss Jones 00:59:33 Red Beans 01:03:48 It's a Blue World 01:11:47 Blues for Ron 01:18:03 Juicy Fruit 01:29:19 Laura 01:33:52 The Bean Stalks Again 01:37:18 I Never Knew 01:40:23 Shine on Harvest Moon 01:45:14 Dinner for One, Please James 01:48:26 Little Girl Blue 01:51:28 One Hour 01:54:59 Tangerine 02:00:20 Prisoner of Love 02:04:34 Blue Lights 02:10:18 Rosita 02:15:23 There'll Never Be Another You 02:18:22 Smac 02:21:02 The Day You Came Along 02:25:10 Sancticity 02:34:22 The Essence of You 02:37:51 She's Funny That Way 02:41:10 You'd Be so Nice to Come Home To

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