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Frank Bang Live at The Funky Biscuit

Frank Bang (Frank Blinkal) served as Buddy Guy’s second guitarist for five years, playing many dates. This internship along with his band mates playing with such luminaries as Magic Slim among many others has nurtured this band to a point were the blues just to seem to pour out of them effortlessly. They have parlayed their experience into creating blues music that is at once new and invigorated, whilst keeping one foot in the traditional precepts of the blues of the past. Frank’s guitar playing cuts through the air when needed or delivers poignant runs, whatever the situation dictates. His voice has the necessary rough edges that are well suited to this music and it also appears to have been slightly electronically altered and echoed, which contributes to the atmospherics and adds a touch of mystery.  Blues Blast magazine

2023 07 20    Boca Raton, Florida    

Frank Bang Live at The Funky Biscuit 

00:00 Weed, Women, & Wine 05:46 Woman Don't Lie 15:13 Ain't No Sunshine 21:05 Willie The Wimp 28:16 If Heartaches Were Nickels 37:52 I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll 47:53 Hoochie Coochie Man / Medley 59:51 I Need Love 01:11:31 Lonesome In My Bedroom 01:20:41 Hip Shakin' Mama / Medley 01:35:54 Riviera Paradise (Instrumental) 01:53:47 Can't Find My Way Home Frank Bang (Frank Blinkal) - lead vocals & guitar Mark Leach (Muggie Doo) - Hammond B3 Charles Gasper - bass Euvoski Cunningham Sr. (Muffdrumz) - drums
Thanks to Albert Poliak & Ira Maltz for The Funky Biscuit Jeff Kissinger for the quality sounds. Special Thanks to Jesse Finkelstein & Audrey Michelle of Blues Radio International

Dub Garden - Spiral

Band fromThessaloniki, Greece.
Trip hop influenced by the Dub music scene.

After a long time, the whole garden is coming together once again to present to the outside world the 3rd chapter of Dub Gardens’ journey, called ‘SPIRAL’.
This time we got the space to create our purpose from scratch and this gives a whole different meaning to us, because it makes us stronger, and it allows us to express exactly what we feel.
A lot of different genres mixed together can create something extraordinary, if they can respect each other.
It is the first time after 2 albums that we feel complete as a band with each and every song.
It has been one year since we have started working on this album and we are so happy that we finally get the chance to share it with the rest of the world. We hope that you are going to embrace it and love it as much as we do!
Every song has a special meaning to us!
This album is like a reminder to us that we should keep creating even if the circumstances don’t allow it…
We usually combine Ethnic, reggae, trip hop and ambient elements in a melodic and groovy set, through paths of dub, but this time we are inviting more genres to fulfill this new chapter
You got to have your eyes and ears wide open if you want to grow through your music!!!       bandcamp

8 / 12 / 2021

Dub Garden Spiral

1. 00:00 Area /4:15 2. 04:12 Jungle /3:44 3. 07:47 Blazing Fire /3:41 4. 11:20 Dead Can Dance /4:04 5. 15:17 Sacrifice /3:54 6. 19:08 Deep In /4:12 7. 23:14 Spiral /03:53 8. 26:30 Ctrl-Alt-Exit /3:59

Tab Benoit Live at Ruby's Roadhouse

2017 07 28 in Mandeville, LA

Tab Benoit Live at Ruby's Roadhouse

00:00:00 Fever For The Bayou 00:04:41 Shelter Me 00:10:33 Louisiana Style 00:16:55 Pack It Up 00:23:11 Whole Lotta Soul 00:32:57 Standing On The Bank 00:39:46 Sac-au-lait Fishin' 00:47:03 Nothing Takes The Place Of You 00:54:50 Bone Pickin' 00:59:47 Come & Get It 01:03:41 Why Are People Like That 01:09:00 Little Girl Blues 01:15:25 New Orleans Ladies 01:26:34 Night Train 01:36:09 Solid Simple Thing 01:41:14 Nice & Warm 01:49:48 Hot Tamale Baby 02:02:37 These Arms Of Mine 02:09:40 Medicine
Tab Benoit - Guitar & Vocals Corey Duplechin - Bass Terence Higgins - Drums

Chouchane Siranossian / Leonardo Garcia Alarcón / Balázs Máté

Chouchane Siranossian 
A leading figure in Baroque violin performance and the leader of her own Ensemble Esperanza.
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A twice-over recent winner of the International Classical Music Awards for her Tartini concertos disc (2021), and the Mendelssohn E minor concerto (2019), the violinist is a Baroque specialist who also explores a wider repertoire – including here a piece by the 10th-century Armenian mystic and poet Gregory of Narek, or Naregatsi.

Live from Wigmore Hall
Chouchane Siranossian VIOLIN Leonardo Garcia Alarcón HARPSICHORD Balázs Máté CELLO

PROGRAMME JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH 1685-1750 Violin Sonata in G BWV1021 CARLO FARINA Sonata quinta detta 'La Farina' KRIKOR NAREGATSI c.950-1003 Improvisation on Havun Havun JOHANN GOTTFRIED WALTHER 1684-1748 Sonata No. 6: – Passacaglia JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH 1685-1750 Violin Sonata in C minor BWV1024: – Adagio Fugue in G minor BWV1026 ANDREAS ANTON SCHMELZER 1653-1701 Violin Sonata 'Victori der Christen' PIETRO ANTONIO LOCATELLI 1695-1764 Sonata in D minor Op. 6 No. 12

Christian Löffler - Bonobo | Mix

Electronic/techno producer who specializes in emotive, melancholic music that feels isolated yet strangely relatable. 
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Christian Löffler Bonobo Mix

01. 00:00 - “Neo” 02. 07:17 - “Emkay” 03. 12:43 - “Haul” 04. 17:58 - “Don't Wait” 05. 23:16 - “Ry” 06. 28:48 - “Sapien” 07. 32:53 - “Field” 08. 41:08 - “7th Sevens“ 09. 46:15 - “Mt. Grace“ 10. 50:48 - “Antenna” 11. 54:21 - “Athlete”

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Good Bread Live at The Funky Biscuit

Good Bread is a beautiful and powerful Blues Rock band paying tribute to icons like Tedesci Trucks, Marcus King, The Allman Brothers, and Janis Joplin to name a few. The band has a powerful Rhythm Section, a father and son guitar team, and a dynamic, charismatic and oh so talented lead vocalist.   Good Bread Band


Good Bread in Boca Raton, Florida    24-08-2023

Good Bread  Live at The Funky Biscuit 

00:00 Fire 03:27 Them Changes 07:21 I'd Rather Go Blind 13:16 Walking In The Sand 17:46 Move Over 22:09 The Well
Cheryl E Arena - Vocals Stephen Aives - Guitar Morgan Born-Aives - Lead Guitar Richie Goldman - Bass Rayhner Lasserie - Drums

Kiya Tabassian / Hamin Honar

Kiya Tabassian
Composer, ensemble director, and Persian setar player Tabassian directs the innovative ensemble Constantinople. 
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Public performance filmed on August 12, 2020 as part of the concert series of the Centre des Musiciens du Monde.

Kiya Tabassian Hamin Honar

Kiya Tabassian sétar
Hamin Honar tombak

BIMHUIS TV Present: David Murray / Håker Flaten / Nilssen-Love

American saxophone giant joins forces with Norwegian heavy hitters Since his emergence from the New York jazz underground, David Murray has been performing regularly on our stage. Now he’s back with former members of Scandinavian monster trio The Thing. In 2019 they toured Europe for the first time, using compositions by Murray, and by Yusef Lateef, Butch Morris and even Aretha Franklin, as starting points of ferocious improvisations. Now they will play brand new compositions, written by all three musicians. Tenor sax and bass clarinet player David Murray has an instantly recognizable style, which encompasses soul, gospel and free jazz. Ever since he played on our stage for the first time in 1976, his first concert outside the United States, he has released over 150 albums under his own name. Bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love are known as ‘Norway’s heaviest rhythm section’. In The Thing, their legendary trio with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, they connected the dots between rock, noise and jazz.

BIMHUIS TV Present: David Murray Håker Flaten Nilssen-Love

David Murray tenor sax/bass clarinet
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten double bass
Paal Nilssen-Love drums

Matt Schofield Live at The Funky Biscuit

The leader of the Matt Schofield trio (obviously) and a well traveled and talented blues guitarist, Matt Schofield was born in Manchester, England on August 21, 1977. Spurred into the world of the blues… 
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The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Florida - 22/07/2021  

Matt Schofield Live at The Funky Biscuit 

00:00:00 I’m A Stranger 00:10:05 Don't Know What I'd Do 00:18:44 The Day You Left 00:31:17 Livewire 00:40:46 Black Cat Bone 00:55:05 Where Do I Have To Stand 01:11:50 Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean * 01:19:45 Love Me Like A Man * 01:28:41 Little By Little * 01:38:57 Hindsight 01:44:13 Band Solos
Matt Schofield - Guitar & Vocals Raul Valdes - Drums Aaron Glueckauf - Drums Rodrigo Zambrano - Bass Adam Scone - Hammond B3 with special guest: * Christine Tambakis - Vocals Thanks to Albert Poliak & Ira Maltz for The Funky Biscuit Jeff Kissinger for the quality sounds. Kudos to Sharon Wolf for help filming. Jesse Finkelstein for the additional camera angle.