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Diz o meu nome | Mia Couto

Diz o meu nome,
como se as sílabas
te queimassem os lábios.
Sopra-o com suavidade,
para que o escuro apeteça,
para que se desatem os teus cabelos,
para que aconteça.
Porque eu cresço para ti,
sou eu dentro de ti,
que bebe a última gota
e te conduzo a um lugar
sem tempo nem contorno.
Porque apenas para os teus olhos
sou gesto e cor
e dentro de ti
me recolho ferido,
exausto dos combates
em que a mim próprio me venci.
Porque a minha mão infatigável
procura o interior e o avesso
da aparência.
Porque o tempo em que vivo
morre de ser ontem
e é urgente inventar
outra maneira de navegar,
outro rumo,
outro pulsar,
para dar esperança aos portos
que aguardam pensativos
no húmido centro da noite.
Diz o meu nome,
como se eu te fosse estranho,
como se fosse intruso,
para que eu mesmo me desconheça
e me sobressalte,
quando suavemente
pronunciares o meu nome

Mia Couto

Blues Collection | Vol. 3

00:00:00 Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Leroy Kirkland et son orchestre - I Put a Spell on You 00:02:27 John Lee Hooker - I'm so Excited 00:05:20 Big Bill Broonzy, Kansas Fields - Rock Me Baby 00:11:40 Big Bill Broonzy - Letter to My Baby 00:14:56 Muddy Waters - I Feel so Good 00:17:58 Eddie Taylor - Don't Knock at My Door 00:20:50 Johnny Cash - Home of the Blues 00:23:27 Huddie Ledbetter, Golden Gate Quartet - Rock Island Line 00:26:03 John Lee Hooker - You're Leavin' Me Baby 00:29:56 Josh White, Sam Gary, Al Hall - Jesus Gonna Make up My Dyin' Bed 00:34:12 John Lee Hooker - Come on and See About Me 00:37:20 Ida Cox, The Coleman Hawkins Quintet - Cherry Pickin' Blues 00:40:56 B.B. King - Sweet Little Angel 00:43:56 Clarence Williams' Washboard Band - Whip Me with Plenty of Love 00:47:02 Joseph Lee Williams - Baby Left Town 00:49:40 Jimmy Witherspoon, Wilbur de Paris and His Orchestra - Careless Love 00:52:23 Willie Dixon - Need Your Love so Bad 00:55:49 Lightnin' Hopkins - Feel so Bad 00:58:00 Sonny Terry - Beautiful City 01:01:03 Bessie Smith - Dyin' by the Hour 01:04:05 Odetta - Oh, My Babe 01:08:29 Ray Charles and His Orchestra - Who You Gonna Love 01:10:30 Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson - Sixth Avenue Express 01:13:13 Memphis Slim And His Orchestra - My Gal Keeps Me Crying 01:15:51 Les Clippers - Blues in the Fog

João Morais

A música de João Morais define-se por vários elementos.

A harmonia da guitarra com forte influência de jazz paralelamente a um ritmo de bossa nova, é o trampolim para um universo lírico, popular e poético, amplamente cultural e diversificado.

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Jazz Noir Folk Swing Femme Fatale Mix

0:00 Blind Pig - Fantastic Beasts OST 1:26 Hooker Shoes - The SunPunchers 5:27 You Laugh At the Moon - Samantha de Siena 9:25 Hace Dos Meses - Anita Zengeza 12:31 Cumparsita - Bruxelles Aires Tango Orchestra 13:41 Honey - The SunPunchers 17:55 Louisiana Swamp Stomp - Anne of the Wolves 23:15 The Tower - Alana Henderson 26:23 Bobby - Alma Forrer 28:45 Caos - Dodó 32:20 Ten Thousand Years - Les 7 Doigts

Jack McDuff ‎| Screamin'

AllMusic Review by 
Organist Jack McDuff teams up with his regular drummer Joe Dukes, altoist Leo Wright, and guitarist Kenny Burrell for a spirited blues-oriented. "Soulful Drums," featuring Dukes' drum breaks, was a minor hit. Other selections on this generally fine organ date include spirited versions of "He's a Real Gone Guy," "After Hours," and "One O'Clock Jump," even if the title cut does not quite live up to its name.

Organ Jack McDuff Alto Saxophone Leo Wright Drums Joe Dukes Guitar Kenny Burrell

1 He's A Real Gone Guy 6:02 2 Soulful Drums 4:14 3 After Hours 4:28 4 Screamin' 7:20 5 I Cover The Waterfront 3:10 6 One O'Clock Jump 5:48

Recorded - Englewood Cliffs, NJ; October 23, 1962

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Stan Getz | The Soft Swing

it was the only studio session in which Getz collaborated with Mose Allison, although some Mutual broadcasts from the Village Vanguard and the Red Hill Inn (Pennsauken, New Jersey) are included as bonus tracks of the re-release.[3]
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Stan Getz tenor saxophone Mose Allison piano Addison Farmer bass Jerry Segal drums

"All the Things You Are" - 7:35 "Pocono Mac" - 16:11 "Down Beat" - 20:56 "To the Ends of the Earth" - 27:27 "Bye Bye Blues" - 33:43

Recorded - July 12, 1957 - New York City

Wes Montgomery Featuring The Eddie Higgins Trio ‎| One Night In Indy

AllMusic Review by   [-]

Following the 2012 release of Resonance's archival set Echoes of Indiana Avenue, author, photo journalist, and private collector Duncan Schiedt approached the label to see if they'd be interested in releasing a live tape of Wes Montgomery he owned. It was a 1959 set where the guitarist sat in with the Eddie Higgins Trio, then featuring drummer Walter Perkins (and also an unknown bassist). Resonance arranged for the rights and released One Night in Indy in 2016. Montgomery's star was just beginning to rise -- he recorded two sessions for Riverside in 1958 -- and Higgins established himself as an attraction on the Chicago circuit but, at this time, they were essentially operating on the same level of stardom and, appropriately enough, this date showcases them equally, with Montgomery's rich runs nicely accentuating the elegance of Higgins. If the audio is a little rough at times -- the set was recorded on a homemade recorder in 1959, after all -- the performances never are: even when the tempo starts cooking on "Stompin' at the Savoy," this music rolls easy and the appeal is that mellow yet lively interplay, as each leader seems to want nothing more than to play off of the other.

Drums Walter Perkins Guitar Wes Montgomery Piano Eddie Higgins Unknown musician double bass

1 Give Me The Simple Life 9:14 2 Prelude To A Kiss 5:52 3 Stompin' At The Savoy 7:12 4 Li'L Darling 8:09 5 Ruby, My Dear 8:35 6 You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To 2:51

Recorded - January 18, 1959- Live in Indianapolis, Indiana

Wilbur Ware Quintet Featuring Johnny Griffin | The Chicago Sound

Diminutive saxophonist dubbed "The Little Giant," one of the keystones of hard bop, his influence on jazz spanned seven decades. 
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One of bop's most advanced and influential bassists, Wilbur Ware was a superb rhythmic anchor with an unerring sense of swing. Where many post-Jimmy Blanton bassists concentrated on legato melodic phrasing,…
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Wilbur Ware - bass Johnny Griffin - tenor saxophone John Jenkins - alto saxophone Junior Mance - piano Wilbur Campbell (# 1 & 3-7), Frankie Dunlop (# 2 & 8) - drums

"Mamma-Daddy" - 3:53 "Body and Soul" - 3:15 "Desert Sands" - 5:28 "31st and State" - 6:27 "Lullaby of the Leaves" - 2:56 "Latin Quarters" - 4:37 "Be-Ware" - 4:28 "The Man I Love" - 7:21

Recorded - Reeves Sound Studios
in New York City on October 16 (# 1 & 3-7)
and November 18 (#2 & 8), 1957

Ana Deus & Nicolas Tricot ‎ | Bruta

Ana Deus (Osso Vaidoso/Três Tristes Tigres) juntou-se a Nicolas Tricot num projecto que leva a música à poesia de autores internados em hospitais psiquiátricos. “Bruta”, nome do álbum inspirado num poema de Sylvia Plath.
Ângelo de Lima, Mário de Sá Carneiro, Stela do Patrocínio, António Gancho são mais alguns dos nomes de autores referenciados neste recente projecto editado pela CTL/Musicbox. 
Arte Sonora

1. Amor À doida (Ana Deus E Regina Guimarães)
2. Tapada (Ângela De Lima) 3. Gás Puro (Stela Do Patrocínio) 4. Serradura (Mário De Sá-Carneiro) 5. Choro (Manuel Laranjeira) 6. Mia Soave (Ângela De Lima) 7. Falatório (Stela Do Patrocínio) 8. Douda Dorreria (Ângela De Lima) 9. Mortal (António Gancho) 10. Embriagada (António Gancho) 11. Errata (António Maria Lisboa)

Copyright: Ana Deus & Nicolas Tricot 2015