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Magic Slim - Snakebite

Snakebite Review


by Cub Koda

Snakebite is the best and most cohesive Magic Slim album to date, where all the things he does best come together in one place. Expertly produced by Dick Shurman, this spotlights all the groove that makes Slim a bandstand favorite, with none of the rough edges that mar his other studio or live efforts. The songs are top-notch (seven of the 11 tunes here are Slim originals), and this version of the Teardrops -- Nick Holt on bass, Allen Kirk on drums, and Michael Dotson on second guitar -- lay a greasy pocket down behind their leader that fits perfectly. Slim's vocals are spot-on, and his guitar work is his most focused yet. A truly inspired session, this is the perfect introduction to Magic Slim.Magic Slim - Snakebite  

Magic Slim   |   Snakebite

Release Date 

 March 21, 2000

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