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Tom Waits' Greatest Hits

A neo-beatnik songwriter who grew weirder and wilder in the '80s, earning a cult following that only grew larger as the years passed. 
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1.Singapore 0:00
2.Rain Dogs 2:18
3.I’ll Be Gone 5:41
4.Strange Weather 8:55
5.Clap Hands 12:32
6.Telephone Call From Istanbul 16:16
7.Jockey Full of Bourbon 20:35
8.Down, Down, Down 23:23
9.Lie to Me 25:40
10.Hang On St. Christopher 27:49
11.Yesterday is Here 30:34
12.Romeo is Bleeding 33:16
13.Little Boy Blue 38:08
14.Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard 41:50
15.’Til the Money Runs Out 45:08
16.Blue Valentines 49:34
17.The Black Rider 55:25
18.Big in Japan 58:47
19.Black Wings 1:02:52
20.Starving in the Belly of the Whale 1:07:30
21.Just the Right Bullets 1:11:12
22.Alice 1:14:48
23.Once Upon a Town 1:19:16
24.Somewhere 1:24:39
25.Broken Bicycles 1:28:30
26.Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis 1:31:22
27.Muriel 1:35:55
28.The Piano has been Drinking (Not Me) 1:39:30
29.Foreign Affair 1:43:10
30.On the Other Side of the World 1:46:57

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