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Jimmy Raney & Doug Raney | Nardis

One of the most fluid, melodic, and enjoyable guitarists to come out of the bop tradition. 
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The son of legendary guitarist Jimmy Raney, Doug Raney has understandably been heavily influenced by his father. He's an impressive soloist, and utilizes almost identical full tones, crisp chording, and… 
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To Bill Evans

Doug Raney (guitar) 
Jimmy Raney (guitar)

1. There'll Never Be Another You 0:00
2. I Can't Get Started 5:40
3. All God's Children Got Rhythm 15:42
4. What's New 21:34
5. Nardis 28:07
6. Easy To Love 35:07


Vinyl Rip: Jack335

1983 LP  

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