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DC Jazz Loft: How to Thrive in Your Hometown

Jazz has its capital cities: major hubs like New York, Chicago and New Orleans. But the music manages plenty well in many other places too. What goes into those smaller ecosystems to enable jazz to thrive? How do talented musicians make it happen? In search of some answers, we sought out the DIY concert producers of Capitalbop in Washington, D.C. as they presented artists from the Baltimore-Washington metropolis. And we met with the musicians themselves -- in one case, touring the place he calls home.

Jazz Night In America presents highlights from CapitalBop's converted-warehouse "loft" stage at the 2015 DC Jazz Festival, featuring bands led by vibraphonist Warren Wolf and bassist Kris Funn.

2:50 - "Thursday Night Prayer Meeting" performed by Kris Funn and Cornerstore
14:35 - How to live in your hometown as a jazz musician
17:08 - "Bright Mississippi" performed by the Warren Wolf Trio
24:20 - A day in Warren Wolf's shoes
27:27 - "I Mean You" performed by the Warren Wolf Trio

Kris Funn and Cornerstore: Kris Funn (bandleader and bass), John Lee (guitar), John Lamkin III (drums)
Warren Wolf Trio: Warren Wolf (bandleader and vibraphone), Jeff Reed (bass), John Lamkin III (drums

Recorded on June 11th, 2015 @ the Old Hecht Warehouse district in Washington, DC

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