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Norah Jones & Marian McPartland | 2003 Piano Jazz

Norah Jones & Marian McPartland 
Piano Jazz
Live on NPR Radio, New York, NY - January 14, 2003. 
Excellent FM broadcast.

Marian McPartland passed away on August 20, 2013. She was 95. In this article by Nate Chinen in The New York Times, Norah Jones 
remembers appearing on Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland.Ms. Jones, 34, first appeared on “Piano Jazz” shortly after releasing her debut album, “Come Away With Me” (Blue Note), which earned eight Grammy Awards. “It made me happy because I had listened to Marian for so long,” she said. “My mom and her ended up becoming friends, writing letters for the last 10 years…”

“I was actually on her show twice. I like how she would play one song herself, one of the artist’s songs. She did that with me; she played “Don’t Know Why” and completely reharmonized it. And she’ll let you play something, and then you get to play together.”

“I was really nervous, but I wasn’t nervous about her not being cool. She was just the most sweet, welcoming, motherly sweetheart: polite, very British, but very warm. I remember her smile after we would finish a tune. You can kind of hear it on the radio. She says something like “Uh! That was marvelous,” and you could see it on her face. It was nice, after hearing those Marianisms on the radio, to be the recipient of one.”

00:00 Introduction 1:21 
01:20 September In the Rain 3:13 (Dubin/Warren) 
04:33 Dialogue 3:55 
08:27 In The Dark 4:31 (Little/Green) 
12:58 Dialogue 2:04 
15:01 Comes Love 3:49 (Brown/Stept/Tobias) 
18:49 Dialogue 3:20 
22:08 For All We Know 4:15 (Doots/Lewis) 
26:23 Dialogue 2:31 
28:54 I Can’t Get Started 4:48 (V Duke/I Gershwin) 
33:40 Dialogue (1:37
35:17 Don’t Know Why 3:43 (Jesse Harris) 
38:59 Dialogue 2:01 
41:00 Peace 3:58 (Silver) 
44:57 Dialogue 0:42 
45:39 The Nearness of You 5:05 (Carmichael) 
50:42 Dialogue 1.57 
52:38 Beautiful Friendship 3:15 (Kahn/Styne) 
55:53 Conclusion 1:57 

Norah Jones - piano, vocals
Marian McPartland - piano

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