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Marian McPartland & Clint Eastwood | 2004 Piano Jazz Monterey

McPartland doesn't limit herself to jazz artists alone - jazz enthusiast Clint Eastwood made a special appearance on show recently. McPartland played a couple of Eastwood's movie tunes and he provided the lively conversation.
'I said I wanted to do a musical portrait of him, so I improvised, and I think it's one of the nicest things I've done,' she recounts. 'It was a very good show because of all the different aspects of his life from his childhood on up, he was just finishing [Academy Award-winning film] Mystic River. He's just got such an interesting mind.'

Although best known for his spectacular acting roles and directing credentials, Clint Eastwood is also a composer and jazz aficionado. Eastwood discussed his love for the music of Errol Garner and reminisced about seeing Charlie Parker perform live. He also discussed the musical heart of his movies like Bird and The Bridges of Madison County. Marian McPartland gave beautiful treatments of Eastwood's own tunes 'Claudia's Theme' and 'Doe Eyes', capping an intriguing hour with this multitalented artist.

Marian McPartland & Clint Eastwood
Dizzie's Den, Monterey Fairgrounds, CA, USA
2004-09-XX - Piano Jazz 

Continuing again in the Piano Jazz vein, here's Clint Eastwood. This is one of the more unusual shows, in that Eastwood is not a musical guest. It's McPartland who plays, occasionally accompanied by Gary Mazzaroppi, while Eastwood shares thoughts about his childhood, career, and love of jazz music. He takes a stab at playing only on the last number. It's not the show for everyone, but obviously, if you're an Eastwood fan, you must have it; and, of course, McPartland's playing is enjoyable throughout.

00:00 Intro + talk 6:15
06:15 Misty 4:50
11:05 talk 4:42
15:47 Now's the Time 2:36 *
18:23 talk - piano jazz theme - talk 3:53 (cut) 
22:16 [title?] 1:30
23:46 talk 2:13
25:59 Doe Eyes 1:41
27:40 talk 3:24
31:04 Claudia's Theme 3:47
34:51 talk - piano jazz theme - talk 8:20
43:11 Singin' the Blues 4:33
47:44 talk - piano jazz theme - talk 2:40
50:24 Portrait of Clint Eastwood 1:59
52:23 talk 0:43
53:06 Clint and Marian Blues 2:18 **
55:24 outro 1:57

Marian McPartland, piano
Gary Mazzaroppi, bass (*)
Clint Eastwood, piano (**)


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