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Bud Powell | Blues In The Closet

"Blues in the Closet'' is a studio album by the jazz pianist Bud Powell, released in 1958 by Verve, featuring a session that Powell recorded at Fine Sound Studios in New York in September 1956.

This session is the last that Powell recorded for Verve, and re-unites him with Ray Brown for the first time (in the studio at least) since the first Verve sessions back in 1949-50. Fittingly, it ends with "52nd Street Theme", the traditional closing number in the heyday of bebop in the nineteen-forties.

This was Bud's last album for Verve and to my ears it's always been a winner. For this review I am going to sidestep the raging argument about these not being Bud's best years. Listen to the sound samples and judge that for yourself.

What makes this album so special to me is Ray Brown's bass and Ossie Johnson's drumming. Brown probably needs no introduction, but I will say that his melodic style is absolutely perfect on every track. Johnson is not exactly a household name, even among drummers, but is one of the most tasteful and accomplished drummers of his era - or any era actually. I would put him up there with Ed Thigpen for taste, and, frankly, he can hold his own with Kenny Clarke who made countless recordings with Bud.

One final thing that I love about this album - aside from the incredible music it contains - is when Bud, Ray and Ossie walked into the Fine Sound Studios in NYC to record this album on September 23, 1956 they laid down all twelve tracks in a single session. Discographies that I have cross-checked show no alternate or unissued takes. It boggles my mind to think that using the crude recording equipment of the era that this magic was captured in single takes. For reasons known to Verve this album was not released until 1958.(By Michael BraRichman;Amazon). 

01.When I Fall In Love (E.Heyman/V.Young)...(00:00)
02.My Heart Stood Still (L.Hart/R.Rodgers)...(01:43
03.Blues In The Closet (Oscar Pettiford)...(05:16
04.Swinging 'Til The Girls Come Home (Oscar Pettiford)...(08:19)
05.I Know That You Know (A.Caldwell/V.Youmans)...(11:42
06.Elogie (Bud Powell)...(14:08
07.Woodyn' You (Dizzy Gillespie)...(17:08
08.I Should Care (S.Cahn/A.Stordahl/P.Weston)...(21:04
09.Now Is The Time (Charlie Parker)...(24:46
10.I Didn't Know What Time It Was (L.Hart/R.Rodgers)...(29:22
11.Be-Bop (Dizzy Gillespie)...(33:25
12.Fifty-Second Street Theme (Thelonious Monk)...(35:52

1.Bud Powell – piano
2.Ray Brown – double bass
3.Osie Johnson – drums

Recorded:at Fine Sound Studios,N.Y.С;September 23, 1956.
Label:Verve(MG V-8218)

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