quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2015

Wayne Shorter | The Vee-Jay Years

Like his one-time boss Miles Davis, saxophonist Wayne Shorter can divide his long and distinguished career into phases. In the early years he played the role of sideman with great distinction, being singled out as a truly original stylist who also brought his considerable composing talents to the table before enjoying a period of popular recognition during the Seventies. Enjoy these early examples of his instrumental and compositional mastery.

1. 00:00:00 Wayne Shorter Blues a La Carte
2. 00:05:41 Wayne Shorter Harry's Last Stand
3. 00:10:27 Wayne Shorter Down in the Depths
4. 00:20:07 Wayne Shorter Pug Nose
5. 00:27:02 Wayne Shorter Black Diamond
6. 00:33:07 Wayne Shorter Mack the Knife
7. 00:39:32 Wayne Shorter Black Orpheus
8. 00:44:06 Wayne Shorter Devil's Island
9. 00:48:02 Wayne Shorter Moon of Manakoora
10. 00:51:46 Wayne Shorter Dead End
11. 00:56:21 Wayne Shorter Wayning Moments
12. 01:00:43 Wayne Shorter Powder Keg
13. 01:03:56 Wayne Shorter All or Nothing at All
14. 01:06:53 Wayne Shorter Callaway Went That-a-Way

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