quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2015

Bill Evans | Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Anyone listening to contemporary jazz piano is very likely to tune into the legacy of Bill Evans. His importance to the development of jazz is unquestionable, the words of British jazz critic Barry McRae being the perfect summation: 'A brilliant pianist who somehow managed to disguise the fact, Bill Evans never paraded his technique but, like all true virtuosi, he made no mistakes. His home was the piano trio and he brought to piano, bass and drums an orchestral awareness and expansiveness that belied the size of the group.'

1. 00:00:00 Bill Evans Gloria's Step (Take 2) (Take 2)
2. 00:06:07 Bill Evans My Man's Gone Now
3. 00:12:33 Bill Evans Solar
4. 00:21:28 Bill Evans Alice in Wonderland (Take 2) (Take 2)
5. 00:30:02 Bill Evans All of You (Take 2) (Take 2)
6. 00:38:22 Bill Evans Jade Visions (Take 2) (Take 2)
7. 00:42:07 Bill Evans Israel
8. 00:48:21 Bill Evans Haunted Heart
9. 00:51:50 Bill Evans Beautiful Love (Take 2) (Take 2)
10. 00:56:57 Bill Evans Elsa
11. 01:02:09 Bill Evans Nardis
12. 01:08:01 Bill Evans How Deep Is the Ocean ?
13. 01:11:36 Bill Evans I Wish I Knew
14. 01:16:18 Bill Evans Sweet and Lovely

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