terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2015

Jack DeJohnette | Peace Time

Peace Time is an album by Jack DeJohnette recorded in 2006 and released on the Golden Beams label in 2007.[2] The Allmusic review by Michael G. Nastos states "Jack DeJohnette's follow-up recording to Music in the Key of Om is a similarly meditative effort where he plays all the instruments, assumedly overdubbed, creating a wash of ambient ritual sound texts in a single continuous piece running over 60 minutes... This music demonstrates a fascinating aspect of DeJohnette's musical life, liberating for him for sure, and a statement that is meaningful. Be patient; breathe deeply of clean air, and drink of this truly reflective listening experience that deserves its own audience".[3] The album was awarded the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 2008.[4]

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