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Billie Holiday | The Best Of jazz forever


Happy Birthday...Billie Holiday April 7, 1915

1.This Year's Kisses 0:00
2.I Must Have That Man! 3:08
3.I'll Get By 6:05
4.Mean to Me 9:16
5.I'll Never Be the Same 12:21
6.Easy Living 15:25
7.Foolin' Myself 18:30
8.Without Your Love 21:31
9.Me, Myself and I (Are All in Love With You) 24:24
10.A Sailboat in the Moonlight 27:02
11.Trav'lin' All Alone 29:55
12.She's Funny That Way 32:10
13.Getting Some Fun out of Life 34:48
14.I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me 37:50
15.Back in Your Own Backyard 40:35
16.You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too) 43:16
17.Say It with a Kiss 46:37 
18.The Man I Love 48:11

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