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Latin Ska Jazz

Ska jazz is a music genre derived by fusing the melodic content of jazz with the rhythmic and harmonic content of early Jamaican Musicintroduced by the "Fathers of Ska" in the late 1950s. The ska-jazz movement that began in New York during the 1990s by pioneeringavant-garde jazz musicians that pushed the boundaries of reggae music, combining traditions with modern tendencies, using the reggae beat along with high improvisation and jazz harmonies, primarily by horns and percussion.
The ancient origin of jazz is West African music, although the instruments used; guitar, bass, saxophone, trombone, drums, clarinet and piano, all come from the European world. It predates rocksteady and was the harbinger of Jamaican reggae and English Two-tone movement. Ska is characterized by the staccato rhythm played on the guitar and its history can be classified into three periods—Jamaican reggae, also known as First Wave, the English Two-Tone era, commonly called Second Wave, the punk-infused Third Wave.

0:00 Els Penjats - Amstrumental
4:15 Skalariak - Klub Ska
8:12 La Wassah Band - The Preacher 
11:08 Amusic Skazz Band - Tango Para Marcello
14:45 Dr. Calypso - Cineccitá
18:20 The Starlites - Naranja
22:29 Mr. Fly - Christine Keeler
25:48 TTAK!/Ttaki - Oroitzen
29:12 Alpha Boys School - Blue Whale
32:57 The Bishops - Rude Boy
40:53 Malarians - Talkin' Dirty
44:18 La Thorpe Brass - A Second After Postmodernity
47:59 La Jeta Band - Jah Save Mr. Nice
52:42 Moonrakers - Huracán
55:54 Skamot Roig - El Padrino
1:00:05 Skaks - A Night In Tunisia
1:03:49 Dr. Cotomodongo - Nuages
1:06:24 Los Psico Rude Boys - la primera vez

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