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Beirut Live at Ancienne Belgique

Beirut is an American band which was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fenative Zach Condon, and later expanded into a band. The band's first performances were in New York, in May 2006, to support the release of their debut album, Gulag Orkestar.[1][2] Despite their name, Beirut had never performed in Lebanon until they appeared at the Byblos International Festival in August 2014. Beirut's music combines elements of indie-rock and world music.

Beirut Live at AB | Ancienne Belgique | September 14th 2011

0.28 Scenic World 
3.08 The Shrew 
7.03 Elephant Gun 
11.54 Vagabond 
15.00 Postcards From Italy 
19.02 The Concubine 
21.58 Sante Fe 
26.15 Sunday Smile 
30.33 East Harlem 
34.15 Fork and Knives 
37.10 The Akara 
40.35 Nantes 
45.15 Port of Call 
49.20 [Hawk & A Hawksaw] 
53.30 Cherbourg 
56.35 My Night with a Prostitute in Marseille 
1.02.00 Goshen 
1.05.51 After the Curtain 
1.12.47 Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) 
1.16.10 Gulag Orkestra

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