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Frank Sinatra | September Of My Years

Review by allmusic

September of My Years is one of Frank Sinatra's triumphs of the '60s, an album that consolidated his strengths while moving him into new territory, primarily in terms of tone. More than the double-disc set A Man and His Music -- which was released a year after this album -- September of My Years captures how Sinatra was at the time of his 50th birthday.Gordon Jenkins' rich, stately, and melancholy arrangements give the album an appropriate reflective atmosphere. Most of the songs are new or relatively recent numbers; every cut fits into a loose theme of aging, reflection, and regret. Sinatra, however, doesn't seem stuck in his ways -- though the songs are rooted in traditional pop, they touch on folk and contemporary pop. As such, the album offered a perfect summary, as well as suggesting future routes for the singer.

Frank Sinatra | September Of My Years , 1965 

  1. "The September of My Years" (Jimmy Van HeusenSammy Cahn - 3:12
  2. "How Old Am I?" (Gordon Jenkins) - 3:30
  3. "Don't Wait Too Long" (Sunny Skylar) - 3:04
  4. "It Gets Lonely Early" (Van Heusen, Cahn) - 2:57
  5. "This Is All I Ask" (Jenkins) - 3:03
  6. "Last Night When We Were Young" (Harold ArlenE.Y. Harburg) - 3:33
  7. "The Man in the Looking Glass" (Bart Howard) - 3:25
  8. "It Was a Very Good Year" (Ervin Drake) - 4:25
  9. "When the Wind Was Green" (Henry Stinson) - 3:22
  10. "Hello, Young Lovers" (Richard RodgersOscar Hammerstein II) - 3:41
  11. "I See It Now" (Alec WilderWilliam Engvick) - 2:50
  12. "Once Upon a Time" (Charles StrouseLee Adams) - 3:30
  13. "September Song" (Kurt WeillMaxwell Anderson) - 3:30

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