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Ron Carter Quintet | Jazz Festival La Ciotat 1990

Ronald Levin Carter (born May 4, 1937)[1] is an American jazz double bassist. His appearances on 2,221 recording sessions make him the most-recorded jazz bassist in history.[2] He has won three Grammy awards,[3] and is also a cellist who has recorded numerous times on that instrument.[4]

Some of his studio albums as a leader include: Blues Farm (1973), All Blues (1973), Spanish Blue (1974), Anything Goes (1975), Yellow & Green (1976), Pastels (1976), Piccolo (1977), Third Plane (1977), Peg Leg (1978), A Song for You (1978), Etudes (1982), The Golden Striker (2003), Dear Miles (2006), and Ron Carter's Great Big Band (2011).  

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France - diffusion M6 TV 1993

Ron Carter Quintet
Jazz Festival La Ciotat 1990

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