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Yeskim / Waterskies


Yeskim is a music producer, arranger, engineer, and musical contractor, he has produced over 250 CD's, Mostly New Age among many other music styles. Born in Schiedam 14 March 1946, Levantis Yeskim was a/Keyboard player in Dutch Rock bands, before switching to the music publishing field.

Yeskim / Waterskies

Track listing   

All titles composed and performed by Levantis Yeskim.

1)"Prelude At Gale Force"(0:00)
2)"Watery Adventure"(4:55)
3)"Sunday Morning Rain"(11:10)
4)"Foggy Drizzle"(16:12)
5)"Beyond The Rainbow"(19:53)
6)"Snowflakes After Dark"(25:58)
7)"Cumuli Of Hope"(30:16)
8)"Just Wet"(36:07)
9)"Pluvio"(41:40) 10)"Chant Of The Rainforest"(44:51)

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