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Guitar Shorty / Modern Electric Texas Blues

Guitar Shorty

When he's not turning somersaults, doing backward flips, and standing on his head -- all while playing, of course -- Guitar Shorty is prone to cutting loose with savagely slashing licks on his instrument.… 

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Track List Hard Life 00:00:00 I Just Can't Run Away From The Blues 00:05:17 Jody 00:09:42 Mean Husband Blues 00:14:26 More Than You'll Ever Know 00:18:21 I'm So Glad I Met You 00:24:23 How Long Can It Last ? 00:28:39 No Educated Woman & The Otis Grand Blues Band 00:31:53 You Gave Me The Blues Baby & The Otis Grand Blues Band 00:37:11 Don't Thru' The Years & The Otis Grand Blues Band 00:42:24 It's Too Late & The Otis Grand Blues Band 00:47:46 My Way Or The Highway & The Otis Grand Blues Band 00:58:18 I Don't Know Why 01:04:03 Hard To Stay Above The Ground 01:09:33 The Blues Done Got Me 01:15:14 Smells Good 01:20:47 Hard Life Blues Live 01:27:30 You're A Troublemaker 01:30:03 Let's Get Close 01:35:25 I Wonder Who's Sleeping In My Bed 01:38:35 I'm Going Back To Houston 01:45:40 Hey Joe 01:49:57 The Netherlands 01:57:01 Old School 02:03:14 What She Don't Know 02:07:14 I've Been Working 02:10:30 It Ain't The Fall That Kills You 02:15:03 A Little Less Conversation 02:20:15 Right Tool For The Job 02:24:20 Down That Road Again 02:28:04 A Hurt So Old 02:33:02 Too Late 02:36:59 Betrayed 02:41:14 Neverland 02:47:06

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