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The Best Of Carole King

Wove the million-selling Tapestry, which marked the peak of the 1970s singer/songwriter movement, as well as her remarkably diverse career. 
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Carole King The Best Of Carole King Label: Sony Genre: Songwriter Year: 2007

1.So Far Away 00:00 2.I Feel The Earth Move 03:57 3.You've Got A Friend 06:56 4.It's Too Late 12:06 5.Sweet Seasons 16:01 6.Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 19:17 7.Brother, Brother 23:30 8.Only Love Is Real 26:30 9.It's Going To Take Some Time 30:03 10.Beautiful 33:39 11.Jazzman 36:47 12.Nightingale 40:34 13.Been To Canaan 44:12 14.Some Kind Of Wonderful 47:52 15.Carry Your Load 50:59 16.Smackwater Jack 53:51 17.Corazon 57:35 18.Up On The Roof 01:01:34 19.Music 01:05:13 20.Home Again 01:09:05 21.(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 01:11:36

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