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The Best of Willie Dixon

Willie Dixon was a prolific blues songwriter with more than 500 compositions to his credit. Born and raised in Mississippi, he rode the rails to Chicago during the Great Depression and became the primary blues songwriter and producer for Chess Records. Dixon's songs literally created the so-called “Chicago blues sound” and were recorded by such blues artists as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley, Koko Taylor, and many others.
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00:00:00 Choo Choo 00:03:02 4 O'Clock Boogie 00:06:20 Rub My Root 00:10:33 C Rocker 00:13:52 Home to Mamma 00:18:50 Shaky 00:22:28 After Hours 00:26:17 One More Time 00:29:05 John Henry 00:31:38 Now Howdy 00:37:31 Nervous 00:40:47 Good Understanding 00:43:03 That's My Baby 00:46:28 Slim's Thing 00:49:53 That's All I Want Baby 00:52:11 Don't You Tell Nobody 00:54:20 Youth to You 00:57:44 Sittin and Cryin' the Blues 01:01:08 Built for Comfort 01:03:43 I Got a Razor 01:07:57 Go Easy 01:13:51 Move Me 01:17:13 We're Gonna Rock 01:20:12 I Wanna See My Baby 01:23:31 I'm in Love 01:27:28 Need Your Love so Bad 01:30:54 Stewball 01:35:11 Let's Make It Baby 01:39:45 Shake It Baby 01:43:55 The Right Time 01:50:10 Hey Baby 01:52:25 Love My Baby 01:55:31 Crying at the Station 01:59:36 Bye Bye Baby JazzAndBluesExperience

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