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John Scofield | Quiet And Loud Jazz

When I first got into jazz — around 1969, I came from playing R&B and Soul in High School. Jazz Rock was in its infancy stage and I was lucky enough to be around to experience the Golden Age of both Rock and Soul and see Jazz embrace that movement while I was trying to learn how to play straightahead Jazz. A lot of my early chances to actually gig were in various Jazz/Rock idioms. I got to play “real” jazz with Gary Burton and Gerry Mulligan but my real first “big time” gig was with the Billy Cobham/George Duke band. We got to play in gigantic concert halls and rock venues for excited people who were not necessarily jazz aficionados, but loved the music.
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"When we started to play, I did kind of get chills from the songs ." - John Scofield

Almost exactly 30 years ago, guitarist John Scofield recorded an album he evocatively titled Loud Jazz. Not quite a decade later, he made one called Quiet. Both albums were statements of intent, widely embraced and justly acclaimed. And despite the obvious differences between the two, both were genuine expressions of Scofield's musical personality, which has always been more flexible than those extreme dynamic markings would seem to suggest.

Jazz Night In America caught up with Scofield this past spring, just before he played a concert called "Quiet And Loud Jazz" in Jazz at Lincoln Center's Appel Room. The idea was to both acknowledge and bridge the distance between the two disparate albums, which might have been more difficult were it not for Scofield's sly consistency. "It's not like other famous jazz musicians, where their style changes, you know, decade to decade," says Jim Beard, the veteran keyboardist on hand for the Loud Jazz half of the concert. "He sounds very similar to what he sounded like, you know, 30 years ago. I don't think he sounds that different. And it's just such a strong personal style that that's amazing."

John Scofield (electric guitar)
Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone and flute)
Charles Pillow (flute and horn)
Michael Rodriguez (trumpet and flugelhorn)
Roger Rosenberg (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet)
Jeffrey Scott (french horn)
John Clarke (french horn)
Larry Grenadier (bass)
Bill Stewart (drums)

Jim Beard (keyboard)
Gary Granger (bass)
Dennis Chambers (drums)

2:54 - "Door #3"
9:00 - "Hold That Thought"
15:40 - "Tulle"
20:51 - "Rolf and the Gang"

31:25 - "Dance Me Home"
39:00 - "Loud Jazz"
47:18 - "So You Say"
52:48 - "Trim"

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