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Gabor Szabo | Femme Fatale

One of the most original guitarists to emerge in the 1960s, mixing his Hungarian heritage and a distinctive sound with advanced jazz settings. 
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Released in 1981 on a small Hungarian label, this 1978 session recorded in Hollywood is the guitarist's final record. "Out of the Night" interestingly pairs him with pianist Chick Corea. But the remainder of the record is a standard late-'70s fusion date without Corea, highlighted by the Return to Forever intrigue of "A Thousand Times."

Gabor Szabo
Femme Fatale

Gábor Szabó - guitar
Chick Corea - piano (track 5)
Leon Bisquera - keyboards
James Harrah - guitar
Abraham Laboriel - bass
David Roney - electric bass
Hugh Moran - drums
Everette Bryson - percussion
Gary Grant, Jerry Hey - trumpet, flugelhorn
William Reichenbach - trombone
Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams - reeds
Lawrence Sonderling, Bobby Dubow, Ken Yerke, John Wittenberg, Sheldon Sanov, Carol Shive - violin
Pamela Goldsmith, Arthur Royval, Michael Nowak - viola
Ronald Cooper, Ray Kelley - cello
David Campbell - arranger, conductor

01 "Femme Fatale" - 00:00
02 "Zingaro" (Antonio Carlos Jobim) - 08:07
03 "Serena" (James Harrah) - 15:13
04 "A Thousand Times" - 18:50
05 "Out of the Night" (Chick Corea) - 28:04
06 " It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" - 36:08

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