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Bill Coleman ‎| From Boogie To Funk

A mellow-toned swing trumpeter with a distinctive sound and a lyrical style, Bill Coleman was a consistent if never particularly famous musician. In 1927, he went to New York with Cecil and Lloyd Scott's… 
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From Boogie to Funk finds the somewhat undercelebrated swing trumpeter Bill Coleman at a late period in his career, nailing down this set of blues in Paris with a fine group in 1960. The set begins wonderfully with an extended journey through a 16-minute two-part piece entitled "From Boogie to Funk," with the first part subtitled "The Blues" and the second titled "The Boogie." The subtitles prove fitting as Coleman indeed picks up the pace a bit for the second part, and from there the album never really slows down much. It's this swinging feel that propels the later pieces -- "Bill, Budd and Butter," "Afromotive in Blue," "Colemanonlogy," and "Have Blues, Will Play 'Em" -- which were all composed by Coleman, as were the two parts of "From Boogie to Funk." Overall, this set never hits a lull and proves delightful throughout, making one wish Coleman would have recorded a few more sessions such as this while in Paris. Joining him here are Budd Johnson (tenor sax), Les Spann (guitar), Patti Bown (piano), Quentin Jackson (trombone), Buddy Catlett (bass), and Joe Harris (drums).

Bill Coleman
From Boogie To Funk  

Saxophone Budd Johnson
Trombone Quentin Jackson
Trumpet Bill Coleman 
Contrabass Buddy Catlett
Drums Joe Harris 
Guitar Les Spann
Piano Patti Bown

1 From Boogie To Funk, Part 1: The Blues 11:37
2 From Boogie To Funk, Part 2: The Boogie 4:34
3 Bill, Budd And Butter 9:42
4 Afromotive In Blue 6:30
5 Colemanology 5:11
6 Have Blues, Will Play'em 9:46

Recorded - January 21 and 22, 1960 - Paris

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