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Iron and Wine | Essential Songs | Sam Beam

Singer/songwriter Sam Beam and his lo-fi one-man folk band released several acclaimed albums before adding more ornate arrangements. 
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Essential Songs

Samuel Beam
( also known as Sam Beam )


00:00:00 Cinders And Smoke
00:05:45 Flightless Bird American Mouth
00:09:47 Boy With A Coin
00:13:53 The Trapeze Swinger
00:21:00 Jezebel
00:26:09 Sodom South Georgia
00:31:10 Such Great Heights
00:35:23 The Sea and the Rhythm
00:40:48 Naked As We Came
00:43:18 Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
00:47:17 Sunset Soon Forgotten
00:50:40 Love Vigilantes
00:54:05 Upward Over The Mountain
01:00:00 Each Coming Night
01:03:28 Resurrection Fern
01:08:18 Fever Dream
01:12:35 Passing Afternoon
01:16:36 Waitin for a Superman

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