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Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson | It's Your World

Politically charged poet and singer of enrapturing 1970s jazz/R&B polemics, and a huge influence on countless hip-hop incendiaries. 
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Producer, composer, and musician best known for collaborating with Gil Scott-Heron on several influential '70s releases. 
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This Gil Scott-Heron double album, roughly two thirds of which was recorded live in Boston on July 2-4, 1976, makes the most of its Centennial-centric time frame. Between the American flag striped cover art and Heron's spoken word spiel on an 8-and-a-half minute poem/rant "Bicentennial Blues," the album loses little of its impact, regardless of how the years have mildewed once fresh political topics like Nixon, Agnew, and Watergate. Four of its songs are studio recordings ("It's Your World," "Possum Slim," "New York City," and "Sharing"), and even though they're up to Heron's usual jazz/blues/pop standards, the disc is most effective on the concert tracks. As he explains in the 2000 penned liner notes, The Midnight Band was a compelling live unit and one listen to the brisk, electrifying, 13-minute rendition of "The Bottle," one of Heron's most penetrating tracks, is all you'll need to understand why. More importantly, like the best protest music, these tunes have lost none of their lyrical edge or incisiveness throughout the years. Musically the band is taut and rehearsed down to the finest time change, yet loose enough to open up on the jams. The heavy Latin percussion/flute/piano -- but remarkably guitar-less -- sound is equal parts Santana and Mongo Santamaria with a strong jazz current throughout, especially on the John Coltrane tribute "Trane," featuring tenor hornman Bilal Sunni-Ali's fiery lead. Scott-Heron's deep, mellifluous voice is alternately soothing and cutting, infusing the music with heart and soul, while keeping the sound focused even during the longer improvisations. Only a dated '70s drum solo belies the year this was recorded. Chestnuts like "Home Is Where the Hatred Is" explode in extended live versions that become definitive readings of the tunes. Remastered for its reissue, It's Your World crackles with energy, presenting an accomplished band at their peak and placing the listener practically on stage for the live tracks with acoustics that are full, yet airy and spacious. One of Gil Scott-Heron's best albums as well as a compelling musical time capsule, the disc is proof of the artist's musical and lyrical acuity and is a moving listening experience.

Gil Scott-Heron: Electric Piano, Vocals
Brian Jackson: Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals
Victor Brown: Vocals
Bilal Sunni-Ali: Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Delbert Taylor: Trumpet
Danny Bowens: Bass, Vocals
Tony Duncanson: Congas, Bongos, Timbales
Barnett Williams: Congas, Percussion
Reggie Brisbane: Drums, Percussion

01. It's your world 00:00
02. Possum slim 03:58
03. New York City 10:03
04. 17th Street 14:55
05. Trane 20:37
06. Must be something 28:13
07. Home is where the hatred is 33:41
08. Bicentennial blues 45:51
09. The bottle 54:37
10. Sharing 01:08:14

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