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Steve Coleman & The Council of Balance | Jazz à La Villette 2015

Chicago alto player who founded M-Base, with a style mixing everything from soul, R&B, funk, free jazz, hard bop, bebop, reggae, and disco. 
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The Council of Balance is a group of 21 musicians Coleman has put together to pull off an album that always seems to be churning like an engine. The band includes Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet, Anthony Tidd on electric bass, Marcus Gilmore on drums, and Miles Okazaki on guitar, who you may know from Coleman's Five Elements. Yet this undertaking also includes Coleman compatriots vocalist Jen Shyu, pianist David Bryant, trombonist Tim Albright, and tenor saxophonist Maria Grand along with numerous others. With such a large group, one would expect some massive sound throughout this album, but Coleman's compositions are taut. Everything has its proper place here, these arrangements have ground to cover and to make good time, and they do by hell or high water.
The centerpiece of the album, the four part "Synovial Joints Suite", incites a heck of a long more head nodding than one would expect. For a group of songs that focus on shoulders and wrists and necks, it's a wonder why ankles and knees weren't included too, the most important parts of toe-tapping in approval.

Magic Malik Orchestra Malik Mezzadri - flûte Vincent Lafont - clavier Jean-Luc Lehr - basse Maxime Zampieri - batterie Entracte
Steve Coleman & The Council of Balance Steve Coleman - saxophone alto Jonathan Finlayson - trompette Jen Shyu - chant Rane Moore - clarinette , clarinette basse Maria Grand - saxophone ténor Mike Lormand - trombone Kristin Lee - violon David Bryant - piano Miles Okazaki - guitare Anthony Tidd - basse Greg Chudzik - basse Sean Rickman - batterie Alex Lipowski - percussions Barry J. Crawford - flûte Jeffrey Missal - trompette Elizabeth Weisser - alto Jay Campbell - violoncelle

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