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Pat Martino & Michael Sagmeister | Conversation

For connoisseurs of modern jazz guitar, “Conversation” will be a revelation. The interplay between the two guitarists Pat Martino and Michael Sagmeister is marked by profound mutual understanding – which is no small wonder, considering Michael Sagmeister has long been interested in Martino’s music. In the meantime, these two world-class musicians are connected by a personal friendship, and they now communicate as two equals. Joining them are Michael Sagmeister’s long-standing rhythm group, Michael Küttner on drums, Thomas Heidepriem on bass. The powerful and flowing grooves of the two musicians form the basis for the unfolding of well-set lines and improvisations by Martino and Sagmeister. The tradition of modern jazz guitar can be followed in exemplary form on “Conversation”, and at the same time, one can hear how a guitar duo should sound in our time.

It takes a fool or a virtuoso to play with jazz legend, Pat Martino. Sagmeister (who I had not heard of before) is no fool; rather, he and Martino complement each other wonderfully. This is, of course, no cutting contest. While both guitarists share a similar tone (very little tremble, thick strings, and a velvety yet insistent texture) and style, they are distinct performers. Each of them accompanies his colleague tastefully. Each are given equal time for their solos.

The guitarists are tastefully accompanied by bass and drums, but these players are unidentified. They are given a few solos as well, but the main action comes from Martino and Sagmeister.

Having recently seen Pat Martino play in Chicago at The Jazz Showcase (to a fairly small but enthusiastic audience), it saddens me that more souls do not know about and appreciate him. He is a master of jazz guitar: endlessly creative, crafting long legato runs, often punctuated by chords and octaves--octaves as skillfully played as those executed by his hero, Wes Montgomery.

Any lover of instrumental jazz guitar (not the "smooth jazz" counterfeit) will richly savor this recording. And I want to know more about Michael Sagmeister, who is very hip.

Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass – Thomas Heidepriem
Drums – Michael Küttner
Guitar – Michael Sagmeister, Pat Martino

1 Conversation 0:00
2 Catch 5:26
3 Rejoin 12:07 
4 On The Stairs 20:44
5 New Directions 29:13 
6 Sortice 36:32 
7 Turnpike 50:15 
8 Hanging Out 48:32


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