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Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion | JazzOpen Stuttgart 2005

German musicians Tobias Forster (piano) and Kilian Forster (bass) are the Klazz Brothers. On a trip to Cuba, the brothers fell in love with Cuban music. After a casual meeting with members of Compay Segundo's… 
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Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion
Jazz meets Cuba
JazzOpen Stuttgart 2005

Kilian Forster - bass
Tobias Forster - piano
Tim Hahn - drums
Alexis Herrera Estévez - timbales
Elio Rodriguez Luis - congas

1. Summertime
2. Mambo Influenciado
3. Girl from Ipanema
4. Preludio
5. Los Amigos
6. So What
7. Take Five
8. Samba Zamba

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