sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

Hilight Tribe | Limboland

Natural Trance is a patchwork linking modern culture with ethnic sound.The Hilight Tribe, five musicians and one sound doctor at the mixing desk, play a live performance for the dancefloors of the 3rd millenium. Digeridoo, Djembe, Guitar, Congas, Drumset or Bass , among others, come in synchronization with the Drum kick.
World at its end. Tribe music gives a feel of peace and love. Iit is a part of making nirvana. Everyone just try to being human and love human. Souls are not mean't for this earth. So dont hate anyone. Every heart has a b.ful soul. God bless us. Welcome angels, demons, and humans.

Hilight Tribe

1. Samba Trance
2. Tso Pema
3. Peace
4. Kuku
5. Free
6. Limboland
7. Tsunami
8. Giovani
9. Fight Da Babylon System
10. Natural Children
11. Hamba
12. A Brief History Of Time

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