quinta-feira, 23 de março de 2017

The Spooky Evil Jazz

The Spooky Evil Jazz/Swing/Cabaret/Circus Song Collection

Circus Contraption -- Wicked Fascinations
Big Bad VooDoo Daddy -- Spooky Madness
The Corpse Bride OST -- The Remains of the Day
The Speakeasies' Swing Band -- Black Swamp Village
Beat Circus -- The Mack
Circus Contraption -- We Are Mad
Aurelio Voltaire -- Day of the Dead
Ghost Train Orchestra -- New Year's Eve in a Haunted House
The Tiger Lillies -- Mortuary
Jill Tracy -- Evil Night Together
Circus Contraption -- As The Children Laugh
Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra -- Take Your Skin Off And Dance
Beat Circus -- Coney Island Creepshow and Hell Gate
Circus Contraption -- If I Told You Once
Aurelio Voltaire -- Zombie Prostitute
Vermillion Lies -- Circus Apocalypse
Circus Contraption -- Hot Potato
Viva La Rocca -- Skeleton Jangle
Aurelio Voltaire -- Happy Birthday
Circus Contraption -- It's Been Good to Know Ya

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