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Bill Frisell | Gone, Just Like a Train

A stunning, eclectic guitarist who blends the best elements of rock energy with jazz harmonic sophistication and melodic interpretation. 
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Drawing from all over the musical spectrum, Frisell selects drummer Jim Keltner (best known for his records with George HarrisonEric Clapton and other rock stars) and bassist Viktor Krauss (a fixture in Lyle Lovett's country band), and comes up with an immensely likable, easy-grooving CD that defies one to put a label on it. If anything, Frisell leans toward a drawling country twang heavily indebted to Chet Atkins in his guitar work here, but there is a freewheeling jazz sensibility at work on every track. Keltner contributes the heavy rock element with his emphatic strokes, occasionally pushing Frisell in that direction on the title track and the lengthy "Lookout for Hope." Yet Keltner is also capable of surprising subtlety, and Krauss provides firm, unflashy underpinning. Above all, this is thoughtful, free-thinking, ear-friendly jamming that was recorded in bustling Burbank, CA. but sounds as if it was laid down in a relaxed cabin in the hills.

Bill Frisell: guitar
Viktor Krauss: bass
Jim Keltner: drums

"Blues for Los Angeles"
"Godson Song" 
"Girl Asks Boy (Part 1)" 
"Pleased to Meet You" 
"Lookout For Hope" 
"Nature's Symphony" 
"Egg Radio" 
"Girl Asks Boy (Part 2)" 
"Sherlock Jr." 
"Gone, Just Like a Train"
"The Wife and Kid" 
"Raccoon Cat" 

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