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The Prestige All Stars | All Night Long

One of the great jam session recordings of the 1950s, All Night Long was a project conceived by Kenny Burrell, who gathered together some of the finest young players on the New York scene under the moniker The Prestige All Stars.

Featured artists included Donald Byrd on trumpet, Hank Mobley on tenor and Jerome Richardson, one of the unsung heroes of the flute in jazz. The musical formats were uncomplicated: ''All Night Long'' (a blues with a bridge), Waldron's ''Flickers'' (a 16-bar pattern) and two originals by Mobley based on familiar, 32-bar chord sequences. 

From these simple, classic bases were launched performances with the hallmarks that have long identified any Burrell project: relaxation, swing and high standards of musicianship.

Recorded in December 28, 1956 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ and originally released on Prestige Records in 1957.

1. All Night Long 00:00
(Kenny Burrell)
2. Boo-Lu 17:15
(Hank Mobley)
3. Flickers 24:03
(Mal Waldron)
4. Li'l Hankie 30:16
(Hank Mobley)

Donald Byrd (trumpet)
Jerome Richardson (flute, tenor saxophone)
Kenny Burrell (guitar)
Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone)
Mal Waldron (piano)
Doug Watkins (bass)
Art Taylor (drums)

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