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Musik Triennale Koln 2000 | Pierre Boulez & Christine Schäfer

At the opening concert of the Musik Triennale Köln 2000 the human voice plays a central role: The Soprano Christine Schäfer, who has achieved worldwide fame, will interpret works by Alban Berg and Claude Debussy

The concert is a homage to Pierre Boulez who will celebrate his 75th birthday as principal conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

From the Cologne Philharmonic Hall, Germany (2000)
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Pierre Boulez - conductor
Christine Schäfer - soprano

0:57 Alban Berg - Lulu-Suite (1934) for soprano and great orchestra

21:02 Claude Debussy - Le Jet d’eau (1907) for soprano and orchestra

28:33 Claude Debussy - Trois Ballades de Villon (1910) for soprano and orchestra
28:33 No. 1
33:30 No. 2
37:40 No. 3

42:05 Igor Stravinsky - The Firebird (1912) for great orchestra (complete ballet music)


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