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Buddy Rich | Class of '78

Active from the swing era on, the king of the drum solo spot remains the mega-talented, acerbic Buddy Rich. 
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Buddy Rich successfully led big bands from 1966 until his death in 1987, but other than his final effort in 1985, this album contains his orchestra's last significant recording. Inexcusably brief (with only a half-hour of music), the lack of quantity is made up for by the high quality. The drummer's 15-piece ensemble performs memorable versions of "Bouncin' with Bud," "Birdland" (the best big-band version of the Weather Report hit), Horace Silver's "Cape Verdean Blues," Chick Corea's "Fiesta" and Barry Mintzer's "Funk City Ola." With the soloists including Steve Marcus on tenor and soprano, tenorman Gary Pribek, pianistBarry Keiner and Rich himself (on "Fiesta"), the music is consistently exciting. Recommended.

1.Buddy Rich – drums
2.Tommy Warrington – bass
3.Barry Kiener – keyboards
4.Chuck Wilson – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
5.Alan Gauvin – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
6.Steve Marcus – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
7.Gary Bribek – tenor saxophone, percussion (cowbell)
8.Greg Smith – baritone saxophone, percussion (cabasa)
9.Chuck Schmidt – trumpet
10.Dean Pratt – trumpet
11.John Marshall – trumpet
12.Danny Hayes – trumpet
13.Matt Johnson – trombone
14.Dale Kirkland – trombone
15.Edward Eby – bass trombone

01.Birdland (Joe Zawinul)...(00:00
02.Bouncin' With Bud (W.Fuller/B.Powell)...(06:45
03.Cape Verdean Blues (Horace Silver)...(12:41
04.Fiesta (F.Brown /C.Corea /J.M.Serrat/trad.)...(19:00
05.Funk City Ola (Barry Mintzer)...(25:23).

tr.1 - Soloist (Soprano Saxophone)–Steve Marcus
tr.2 - Soloist (Piano) – Barry Keiner;(Tenor Saxophone)–Gary Bribek 
tr.3 - Soloist (Piano) – Barry Keiner;(Trumpet)–Dean Pratt
tr.4 - Soloist (Bass) – Tommy Warrington;(Drums)–Buddy Rich;(Piano)–Barry Keiner
tr.5 - Soloist (Tenor) – Gary Bribek,Steve Marcus

Recorded:At RCA Studios,New York;October,1977.

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