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Kenny Burrell, Bill Jennings, Tiny Grimes | Guitar Soul

The epitome of good taste and solid swing, there's no finer exponent of smoky guitar jazz. 
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Jenning's sound has been compared to Tiny Grimes with a hint of early Charlie Christian. A peer of Billy Butler, Jennings played with Louis Jordan in the late '40s and early '50s. He also recorded R&B… 
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Tiny Grimes was one of the earliest jazz electric guitarists to be influenced by Charlie Christian, and he developed his own swinging style. Early on, he was a drummer and worked as a pianist in Washington.… 
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Group A: Kenny Burrell, Guitar // Barry Galbraith, Guitar // Leonard Gaskin, Bass // Bobby Donaldson, Drums //

Group B: Bill Jennings, Guitar // Jack McDuff, Organ // Wendell Marshall, Bass // Bobby Donaldson, Drums // 

Group C
: Tiny Grimes, Guitar // Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. Tenor Sax // JC Higginbotham, Trombone // Ray Bryant, Piano // Wendell Marshall, Bass // Osie Johnson, Drums //

1- Billies Bounce (Group A)
2- Prelude to a Kiss (Group A)
3- It Don't Mean a Thing (Group A)
4- It's Alvin Again (Group B)
5- Lost Weekend (Group C)
6- Dood I Did (Group C)


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