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H. Person, DeFrancesco & Randy Johnston | The Party

Good soul jazz and blues session, with young lion organist Joey DeFrancesco providing the funky undercurrent to tenor saxophonist Houston Person's thick, authoritative solos and Randy Johnston and Bertell Knox filling the spaces on bass and drums, plus Sammy Figueroa adding some Afro-Latin fiber for additional support. by Ron Wynn 

This is one of the best Jazz Organ album in all the history of the Organ Jazz.
Listen to the ballads " Blue Velvet", "Impossible" or the samba " Ceora" or the blues " true blues" and you will shoot right to seventh heaven very soon !!! By OrganJazzMan

This album was recorded at the legendary VAN GELDER STUDIO, NJ on November 14, 1989 and the musicians are:

Houston Person : tenor saxophone
Randy Johnston: guitar
Joey DeFrancesco: ORGAN
Bertell Knox : drums
Sammy Figueroa: congas and percussion

1 Love Me Tender 00:00
2 Blue Velvet 10:00
3 Blues For H. P. 17:18
4 Ceora 23:22
5 Impossible 28:46
6 The Party's Over 34:43
7 True Blues 43:10


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