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Monty Alexander | Saint Emilion Jazz Festival 2013

Monty Alexander (born Montgomery Bernard Alexander on 6 June 1944 inKingston, Jamaica)[1] is a jazz pianist, who also sings and plays the melodica. His playing has a Caribbean influence and bright swinging feeling, with a strong vocabulary of bebop and soulful blues melodies.[2] He was influenced by Oscar PetersonErroll GarnerLes McCannAhmad Jamal, and Wynton Kelly. Alexander is known for his surprise musical twists and the ability to build dramatic suspense in his playing.

Monty Alexander 
Live at Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival
July 20, 2013

Monty Alexander - piano
Hassan Shakur - acoustic bass
Frits Landesbergen - drums
Courtney Panton - guitar & percussion
Earl Appleton - keyboard
Leon Duncan - electric bass
Karl Wright - drums
Ulysses Owens - percussions & drums

1. Nothing ever change my love (Fisher - Segal)
2. Look Up (MA)
3. Sweet Jamaica Suit (MA)
4. Running Away (Bob Marley)
5. Love Notes (MA)
6. Regulater (MA)
7. Hope (MA)
8. Glory Hallelujah (MA)
9. King Tubby (Augustus Pablo)

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