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Buddy Guy & Junior Wells | Pure Raw Blues

Contender for the title of greatest blues guitarist ever, with a fiery, screechy, super-quick technique that influenced countless followers. 
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Like relationships, not all musical partnerships are plain sailing. 'I just get tired of Junior sometimes,' guitarist Buddy Guy once said of long-time harmonica-playing companion Junior Wells, adding: 'I look into his face more than I do my wife's.' Nevertheless, during the course of their quarter-century of musical 'marriage' they made some classic blues recordings. We feature Guy and Wells playing separately and, live, together, as well as their pairings with others.

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
Pure Raw Blues

1. 00:00:00 Buddy Guy First Time I Met the Blues
2. 00:02:19 Junior Wells Hoodoo Man Blues
3. 00:05:24 Buddy Guy The Treasure Untold
4. 00:07:27 Junior Wells Junior's Wail
5. 00:10:21 Buddy Guy Try to Quit You Baby
6. 00:12:58 Junior Wells Tomorrow Night (feat. Elmore James)
7. 00:15:25 Buddy Guy Skippin'
8. 00:18:49 Junior Wells 'Bout the Break of Day
9. 00:22:04 Buddy Guy Ten Years Ago
10. 00:24:41 Junior Wells So Tired
11. 00:26:56 Buddy Guy This Is the End
12. 00:29:55 Junior Wells Come on in This House
13. 00:32:19 Buddy Guy Broken Hearted Blues
14. 00:35:27 Junior Wells You Don't Care
15. 00:37:46 Buddy Guy Blue Monday (Live) (Live)
16. 00:42:27 Junior Wells You Sure Look Good to Me
17. 00:44:53 Buddy Guy Womans Blues (Live) (Live)
18. 00:47:58 Junior Wells The Things I'd Do for You
19. 00:50:19 Buddy Guy Get up Get Down (Live) (Live)
20. 00:54:34 Junior Wells Two-Headed Woman
21. 00:57:16 Junior Wells Messin' with the Kid
22. 00:59:36 Buddy Guy When My Left Eye Jumps
23. 01:03:30 Junior Wells Cut That Out
24. 01:06:21 Buddy Guy Stone Crazy
25. 01:10:09 Junior Wells Eagle Rock (feat. Elmore James)
26. 01:12:30 Buddy Guy Sit and Cry (The Blues)
27. 01:15:32 Junior Wells Lord, Lord
28. 01:18:12 Buddy Guy You Sure Can't Do
29. 01:20:51 Junior Wells So All Alone (feat. Muddy Waters)
30. 01:24:10 Buddy Guy Slop Around
31. 01:26:17 Junior Wells Little by Little
32. 01:28:52 Buddy Guy I Got My Eyes on You
33. 01:31:12 Junior Wells Universal Rock
34. 01:33:45 Buddy Guy Junior's Shuffle (Live) (Live)
35. 01:38:15 Junior Wells I Could Cry
36. 01:41:27 Buddy Guy Out of Sight (Live) (Live)
37. 01:47:39 Junior Wells I'm a Stranger
38. 01:50:21 Buddy Guy Let Me Love You Baby
39. 01:53:14 Junior Wells Galloping Horses a Lazy Mule
40. 01:55:48 Buddy Guy The Things I Used to Do (Live) (Live)

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