quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016

Bill Evans | Undercurrent

Bill Evans is not the only man of that name to have made his mark in the world of jazz but he is unquestionably the one who has proved the most influential. Both albums, Undercurrent and Empathy both recorded in 1962, can be judged favourably alongside the best he came to offer.

1. 00:00:00 Bill Evans My Funny Valentine
2. 00:05:25 Bill Evans I Hear a Rhapsody
3. 00:10:05 Bill Evans Dream Gypsy
4. 00:14:40 Bill Evans Romain
5. 00:20:03 Bill Evans Skating in Central Park
6. 00:25:26 Bill Evans Darn That Dream
7. 00:30:34 Bill Evans The Washington Twist
8. 00:37:04 Bill Evans Danny Boy
9. 00:40:48 Bill Evans Let's Go Back to the Waltz
10. 00:45:22 Bill Evans With a Song in My Heart
11. 00:54:37 Bill Evans Goodbye
12. 00:59:49 Bill Evans I Believe You

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