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Michael Mwenso & The Shakes: Those that Play Together Stay Together

After the headliners and their crowds have left for the evening, a community of up-and-coming artists assembles in a corner of Jazz at Lincoln Center. It's a scene driven in large part by Michael Mwenso, a irrepressible vocalist and natural ringleader who curates the Late Night Sessions at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola. But it also came together in off-campus listening sessions, and by the shared experience of being young and eager (and quite talented) musicians in the big city. As it turns out, all the time spent together away from the club translates directly to how Mwenso and the "family" make music on stage.

Jazz Night in America hangs out with this family as it prepares for and seizes an opportunity to present its own music. Hear a performance at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola featuring Michael Mwenso — and a special breakout segment featuring rising trumpeter Riley Mulherkar.

2:50 - "Squeeze Me"
11:00 - The "Tag" Defined
13:06 - "The Mood That I'm In"
23:14 - The Jazz Family
26:11 - "There Goes My Attraction"


Michael Mwenso, (voice and musical director), Brianna Thomas, (voice) Vuyo Sotashe, (voice), Chris Pattishall (piano), Gabe Schnider (guitar), Daryl Johns (bass), Joe Saylor (drums), Fernando Saci (percussion), Michela Marino Lerman (tap dance), Tivon Pennicott (tenor saxophone), Patrick Bartley (alto saxophone), Julian Lee (tenor saxophone), Bruce Harris (trumpet), Alphonso Horne (trumpet) , Corey Wilcox (trombone)

Recorded Sep 1, 2015 @ Jazz at Lincoln Center

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