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Melody Gardot | 2015 Marseille

Melody Gardot
Festival Jazz Cinq Continents
Marseille, France; July 21, 2015. 
Very good FM broadcast.

Melody Gardot has established herself as a singer/songwriter with her fragile ballads. Her first two albums, “Worrisome Heart” and “My One and Only Heart”, contain some of the most beautiful songs since Nina Simone left the stage. In June 2015, Gardot released Currency Of Man, her fourth album.

allmusic.com wrote: “On Currency of Man, Gardot takes on a rootsier sound, embracing West Coast soul, funk, gospel, and pop from the early ’70s as the backdrop for these songs. It is not only different musically, but lyrically. This is a less “personal” record; its songs were deeply influenced by the people she encountered in LA, many of them street denizens. She tells their stories and reflects on themes of social justice. It’s wide angle.”

Set 1

00:00 Don’t Misunderstand 7:22
07:22 Same To You 7:25 
14:47 She Don’t Know 4:57 
19:44 Bad News 6:56 
26:40 March For Mingus 8:33 
35:12 Morning Sun 13:58 
49:10 Melody talks 2:13 
51:23 Love Is Easy 6:34 

Set 2
0:57:57 Melody talks 1:23 
0:59:20 Baby I’m A fool/Who Will Comfort Me (cut) 9:15 
1:08:34 ~ Who Will Comfort Me (end) 3:40 
1:12:14 Melody talks 3:13 
1:15:27 Preacherman 12:52 
1:28:17 It Gonna Come 14:47 

Melody Gardot - guitar, piano, vocals
Shareef Clayton - trumpet
Irwin Hall - saxophone, clarinet, flute
Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka - baritone saxophone
Mitchell Long - guitar, vocals
Devin Greenwood - keyboards
Edwin Livingstone - bass
Charles Staab - drums

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