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Don Swan | Latino

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Latino is no closer to serious Latin than Don Swan's previous three albums, but there is a new maturity and confidence here. Even though "Razz-Berry Mambo" may be lacking in maturity, and "Linda Mujer" begins with a rock beat, overall the group of star West Coast jazz men is sounding more like a touring orchestra than a studio contrivance. The whistling and harp seem to be gone in favor of more post-"Cherry Pink" trumpet theatrics. Latino also raises the bar slightly in its lurid jacket art. (A thumbnail can be seen, and "El Cumbanchero" heard, on the Liberty sampler, Stereo: the Visual Sound LST-100). The model, conga drum, and soft focus are still there, but the fishnet stockings and all else are gone. Even stripped down to the essentials, Latino still reeks of Hollywood cheese.

This being the original stereo pressing:

0:00 Cumbanchero
2:03 Chatita
5:00 La Paloma
7:09 Miami Beach Rhumba
9:30 Once Ochenta Y Uno
11:15 Razz-Berry Mambo
13:31 Linda Mujer
15:27 Betita
18:47 Hokey Joe
21:05 Gracias
23:27 A San Antonio Me Voy
25:31 Cha Cha In Alaska 

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