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Chet Baker | Love For Sale

What kind of person was Chet Baker? As early as 1976, Ulrich Olshausen had to admit in an article for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that he found it hard to fathom the man's magic and significance. In April 1992, music critic Konrad Heidkamp discovered one of many possible common denominators for Baker's multifarious facets: "The disappearance of contrapositions made Chet Baker such a fascinating person. He was always both: male and female, young and old, innocent and wasted," wrote Heidkamp in his comprehensive Baker feature for the German newspaper Die Zeit. "When he was 25, his voice and trumpet radiated a melancholy for which he was actually too young. When he was 55, his music was imbued with a kind of yearning and love that are unusual for a man of that age." Unsurprisingly, his cool and soulful music is often heard as a melancholic soundtrack for a chronique scandaleuse. In 1985, three years before his death, Baker played this almost intimate concert - accompanied only by piano and bass - in the Stockholm TV studio Sonet Library. Sitting on a sofa most of the time, three completely relaxed musicians perform a mix of Baker's favourite standards as well as two numbers that come as a real surprise: the wonderful Tempus Fugit, written by Bud Powell, and Sad Walk, written by Bob Zieff. The final tune holds another surprise: in My Romance, bassist Red Mitchell accompanies Chet Baker on the piano.

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