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Alain Caron | Java Jazz Festival 2015

A professional musician at a very early age, Alain Caron is a considerably accomplished bass player. He attended the Berklee College of Music. One of his first excursions into jazz was playing with the… 
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Alain Caron live at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2015
March 7th - A3 Hall JiExpo Kemayoran, Indonesia.

Alain Caron -Bass
Pierre Côté -Guitar 
John Roney -Piano
Damien Schmitt -Drums

00:00 Enhanced
09:41 Sfing 
17:10 The Lost Foot
25:04 Jazz Pool
32:53 Right After 4
43:18 Slice Shift
51:48 This or That
1:07:40 D-Code

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