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Electro Swing Collection

Electro swing is a musical genre combining the influence of vintage or modern swing and jazz mixed with househip hop and EDM. Successful examples of the genre create a modern and dance-floor focused sound that is more readily accessible to the modern ear but that also retains the feeling of live brass and the energetic excitement of the early swing recordings. The best-known artists include Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace while one-off international hits include 'Why Don't You' by Gramophonedzie or No. 1 World Hit We No Speak Americano by Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool Vs DCUP.
In addition to individual artists and one-off hits, electro swing is a genre whose growth has largely been fuelled by a series of European compilation albums that have drawn together works by a variety of producers. These include the British 'White Mink : Black Cotton' series described by Mixmag as "Electro Swing's first landmark moment"[1] and France's 'Electro Swing' series. In the United States, parties such as San Francisco's 'Trapeze' have showcased the genre's artists.

0:00:00 Parov Stelar - All Night
0:02:42 Jamie Berry (ft Rosie Harte) - Peeping Tom
0:06:12 Scott Bradlee & Post Modern Jukebox - Thrift Shop (Baker&Bart Electro Swing Remix)
0:09:59 Parov Stelar - The Mojo Radio Gang
0:12:38 Lionel Hampton - It Don't Mean A Thing 
0:16:14 Caravan Palace - Dragons
0:20:27 Tape Five - Geraldines Routine
0:23:32 Caravan Palace - Suzy
0:27:40 Jamie Berry (ft Octavia Rose) - Delight
0:33:24 Dunkelbunt (Ft Boban) - Cinnamon Girl 
0:37:20 Jamie Berry - Sweet Rascal
0:41:28 Parov Stelar - Booty Swing
0:44:40 Parov Stelar - Libella Swing
0:49:00 Parov Stelar - Catgroove
0:53:29 Parov Stelar - Chambermaid Swing
0:59:15 Jamie Berry - Dirty Stop Out
1:05:25 Parov Stelar - Beatbuddy Swing
1:09:44 Parov Stelar - Josephine

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