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Dorothy Ashby | Hip Harp

Dorothy Jeanne Thompson (August 6, 1930 – April 13, 1986), better known as Dorothy Ashby, was an American jazz harpist and composer.[1]
Ashby extended the popularization of jazz harp past a novelty, showing how the instrument can be utilized seamlessly as much a bebop instrument as the saxophone. 
Her albums were of the jazz genre, but often moved into R&B, world and other musics, especially on her 1970 album The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby, where she demonstrates her talents on another instrument, the Japanese koto, successfully integrating it into jazz.


Dorothy Ashby - harp
Frank Wess - flute
Herman Wright - bass
Art Taylor - drums

1. "Pawky" 
2. "Moonlight in Vermont" (John Blackburn, Karl Suessdorf)
3. "Back Talk"
4. "Dancing in the Dark" (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz)
5. "Charmaine" (Lew Pollack, Erno Rapee) 
6. "Jollity" 
7. "There's a Small Hotel" (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers)

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