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John Zorn Bar Kokhba & Acoustic Masada @ Jazz In Marciac 2007

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Bar Kokhba encompasses the wealth of material John Zorn has composed with his eminent quartet Masada. The album is a collection of Masada songs that have been rearranged for chamber ensembles. For this effort, Zorn enlists some of New York's finest musicians: John MedeskiMarc RibotAnthony Coleman, and Erik Freedlander, among others. The compositions range from groups of four to solo performances by RibotMedeski, and Coleman. While some compositions retain their original structure and sound, some are expanded and probed by Zorn's arrangements, and resemble avant-garde classical music more than jazz. But this is the beauty of the album; the ensembles provide a forum for Zorn to expand his compositions. The album consistently impresses, and the highlights include "Gevurah," "Paran," and "Mochin." Zorn's genius as both songwriter and arranger are evidenced, and the recording sits well among the traditional Masada material.

John Zorn  Bar Kokhba & Acoustic Masada @ Jazz In Marciac 2007 

JOHN ZORN - direction musical
MARC RIBOT - guitar
ERIK FRIEDLANDER - violoncello
GREG COHEN - contrabass
CYRO BAPTISTA - percussion
JOEY BARON - drums

Track List:
1. Jachin
2. Kochot
3. Gevurah
4. Eitan
5. Hazor
6. Teli
7. Lachish
8. Lilin

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