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Sonny Rollins | The Bridge

The Bridge is a studio album by jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins, recorded in 1962.[5] It was Rollins' first release following his unexpected early retirement in 1959 and was his first recording for Bluebird/RCA Victor.[6] The saxophonist was joined by the musicians with whom he recorded for the next segment of his career: Jim Hall on guitar, Bob Cranshaw on double bass and Ben Riley on drums.[7]

1. 00:00:00 Sonny Rollins Without a Song
2. 00:07:27 Sonny Rollins Where Are You?
3. 00:12:36 Sonny Rollins John S.
4. 00:20:18 Sonny Rollins The Bridge
5. 00:26:17 Sonny Rollins God Bless the Child
6. 00:33:44 Sonny Rollins You Do Something to Me
7. 00:40:33 Sonny Rollins If Ever I Would Leave You
8. 00:52:38 Sonny Rollins Jungoso
9. 01:03:31 Sonny Rollins Bluesongo
10. 01:08:13 Sonny Rollins The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
11. 01:17:25 Sonny Rollins Brown Skin Girl

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