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Paul Desmond | Atmosphere Outta Sound

Paul Desmond (born Paul Emil Breitenfeld; November 25, 1924 – May 30, 1977) was an American jazz alto saxophonist and composer, best known for the work he did in the Dave Brubeck Quartet and for composing that group's greatest hit, "Take Five". He was one of the most popular musicians to come out of the West Coast's cool jazz scene.
In addition to his work with Brubeck, he led several of his own groups and did significant collaborations with artists such as Gerry MulliganJim Hall and Chet Baker. After years ofchain smoking and general poor health, Desmond succumbed to lung cancer in 1977 following one last tour with Brubeck.

Paul Desmond - Atmosphere Outta Sound
Released 2015-02-04 on dinner for two

1. 00:00:00 Paul Desmond Embarcadero
2. 00:04:02 Paul Desmond Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
3. 00:10:08 Paul Desmond The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
4. 00:15:44 Paul Desmond Alone Together
5. 00:22:37 Paul Desmond Take Ten
6. 00:25:49 Paul Desmond El Prince
7. 00:29:14 Paul Desmond Smaba De Orfeu

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